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Common Questions

We've been marketing directly to our customers for the past 13 years. Here are some of the sincere questions we're asked, and the honest answers we deliver.

Why is your product unique?

The largest difference between our products and most others on the market is the fact that we catch all of the fish we sell. We do not purchase salmon from any other source.

If we sell it, we caught it!

How do we catch the salmon?

We catch all of our salmon by trolling for them. Trolling is a hook & line fishery. Each fish is brought on-board one at a time, by hand. We never catch our salmon with nets.

Where do we catch our salmon?

All of our salmon are caught in the the clean, pristine ocean waters of Southeast Alaska. You may also know this area as the "Panhandle" or "Inside Passage". By State law, we are not allowed to harvest fish in or near rivers or streams. As far as the details on where we fish in Southeast, that's a secret!

Do we sell wild or farm-raised salmon?

We only sell wild salmon. There are no farm-raised salmon produced in the State of Alaska.

What kind of boat do we have and how big is it?

We own a 45' steel troller that is licensed by the State of Alaska as a "catcher / processor" which allows us to legally catch and process (hand fillet & trim) our salmon on-board.

How big is our crew?

During the catching, filleting, and trimming process, we have a whopping crew of 3 people, just us!

When you buy from us in person, you will see the same 3 of us. When you call on the phone to place an order, ask a question, or even just to chat, you'll speak with the same 3 of us. When you order online, the same 3 of us will pack & ship your order.

In simple words, this is truly a family owned and operated business!

How do you eat it? What do you do with it? Quite a few of our customers eat our salmon & albacore tuna right out of the can. On the other hand, several of our customers get very, very, creative. Here's a few thoughts, ideas, and suggestions: Add it to scrambled eggs, omelettes, pizza with white sauce, tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas with green sauce, cheese ball, frittata, quiche, pinwheels, toss with pasta & olive oil. Add to potato salad, pasta salad, mac & cheese, serve flaked over white rice, casseroles, etc.

You can always order from us by calling 907-209-6720

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